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Hey guys,

I’ve updated Shina’s website with a brand new theme. Infact I think this is the first new major update we’ve had since it was re-created after the hack in the end of 2013. The new theme should be more mobile friendly, though it isn’t perfect but there are a few tweaks I’ll try to line out in the future so it works better with the menu bar on phones and tablets. 

I have also updated all of Shina’s comics in the comic section to have them no longer be flash based, which basically means it now works on any device whether its on your PC, Phone or Tablet. I hope you’re all exited for the future as I’m sure Shina will continue to make great work for everyone to enjoy.

– Esidien

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  1. That would be very hard to do retro actively, esidien does a sizeable job on the site because I work…

  2. Can confirm more of the murloc x nelf stuff is coming

  3. I know, I want to see more Murloc internal cumshots

  4. would love a way to find all the art which features one of the characters in a single page

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