What happened to old site ?

It was pretty much nuked by a hack attack DDOS, crippling most of Canadian hosting service, Mavenhosting’s servers (42/54) affecting 296 other sites.

the server that received the most damage was mine  the infamous (



I believe the site was the target (the other site on server being ps3 fan sites and related)

Finding a breach, the hacker mooved on to destroy all he had access to.

The extent of damage caused was tremedous, to the point were most users rarely got a response from support team at mavenhosting.

The little we know is that for some reason even back up were nuked (baffles me), the hacker left a trail and is being processed, and I do hope he gets incarcerated in the sodomite wing of the prison.

It also seems that he stole nothing just destroyed everything in site plain and simple.

In my view mavenhosting took on more customers that it could efficiently handle and service went sloppy on saving all together.

I am currently waiting to get my DNS back up and hands back on web domain. Benefit from any discount or commercial gesture, and then decide to give them a second chance or move on to OVH.

Unfortunatly for some reason Firel’s last server save was a partial one database is corrupted, so I move to make a new forum and a new cool site with Esidien.

What is the best way to benefit from this mess? make a newer site that looks rad.

Proove again my commitment to you guys.



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